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Crime Tech Solutions is a fast-growing, vibrant software company based in Austin, Texas. The company develops and markets a robust suite of powerful software solutions designed for crime analysts and investigation teams, including the popular Case Closed™ investigation platform, advanced crime analytics, and sophisticated criminal intelligence software.

Crime Tech Solutions is proud of our reputation as the price/performance leader with technology for use by investigators and crime analysts across sectors. The company actively supports a number of law enforcement associations, and a portion of all revenue is returned directly to law enforcement. 


Case Closed™ is an advanced investigative case management (ICM) and major case management (MCM) software solution for law enforcement, task forces, gang units, state investigative agencies,  and commercial investigators. Recognized as the price/performance leader in this category, Case Closed Investigative Case Management is designed to help investigation teams of all sizes – including multi-jurisdictional – manage investigations from start to finish. Our powerful software includes complete case management, tasks, supplemental reports, dashboards, reminders, robust reporting, GangBuster™ gang database, Evidence Management, a Mobile Application, and much more. No other system offers more at such an attractive price point.
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With Sentinel Visualizer™ software, we deliver best-in-class social network and link analysis functionality. Tired of the high price of i2 Analyst’s Notebook™? We have you covered. Find and visualize relationships between people, places, and things across disparate data sources. CTS is the price/performance leader in this category…

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IntelNexus™ from Crime Tech Solutions is an advanced, 28 CFR Part 23 compliant criminal intelligence database management system (DBMS) designed specifically for law enforcement and commercial agencies to collect, organize, maintain, and analyze sensitive information about individuals, organizations and their activities…
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CrimeMap Pro™ from CTS is a powerful crime analysis and predictive policing solution with geospatial mapping. CrimeMap Pro utilizes Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS) to provide users with powerful hotspot, spatial, and predictive analysis functionality. GST CrimeMap™ can be integrated with our link analysis platform for even deeper investigation.

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Why Our Customers Love Us…

“Crime Tech Solutions’ software allows us to better analyze crime patterns and understand how and where to best deploy our resources. The company provides top notch support, as well.”

– Mr. Terry Simonson, Director of Governmental Affairs, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office