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CrimeMap Pro is a comprehensive, GIS-based software solution designed for meaningful crime analysis and predictive policing. With a wide range of integration and import options, CrimeMap can analyze data from CAD, RMS, or countless other sources such as Megan’s Law data or parolee systems.

Using your existing ArcGIS™ license, CrimeMap offers a comprehensive set of search and analytical functions including:

  1. * Hotspot
  2. * Density
  3. * Spatial
  4. * Temporal
  5. * Time series
  6. * Threshold, and more.


Crime Tech Solutions also provides flexible integration options that allow smooth interaction with third party crime analysis tools, as well as our Sentinel Visualizer Link Analysis and the IntelNexus Criminal Intelligence Database System.


CrimeMap Pro General Functions

Customizable Search Forms – CrimeMap Pro search forms are customizable allowing users to create search forms based on their specific needs, such as crime incidents, Megan’s, parolees, MO, vehicles, suspects, field interviews, etc.

Ad Hoc Reporting Tools – CrimeMap Pro offers comprehensive reporting tools for users to create customized reports, including text information, groupings, images, bar graphs, 2D/3D pie charts, agency logo, report summary, etc.

Spatial Analysis – GST CrimeMap™ Pro offers a comprehensive set of functions to support a variety of crime and spatial analyses, and display results on ESRI ArcMap.

Query Builder – CrimeMap Pro provides a user-friendly query builder for users to build their own search queries.

Database Link – CrimeMap Pro database uses Microsoft SQL Server® and allows the user to bring crime incident data from their CAD/RMS database, or import data from multiple sources such as Megan’s and Parolees.

Support of ESRI ArcMap – Users familiar with ESRI ArcMap can utilize all the mapping features of ArcMap. All the customized macros the user created in ArcMap can be used alongside CrimeMap® Pro.


Advanced Crime Analysis

Cross Reference – Cross-reference among incidents, subjects, Megan’s, parolee, and gang records.

Hotspot Analysis – Analysis of hotspots with various methodology, such as Grid Analysis, Intensity Analysis, Outer Boundary, and Analysis of Duplicate Locations.

Temporal Analysis – Analysis of temporal patterns based on either Grid Analysis or Density Analysis.

Time Series Analysis – Analysis of incident patterns with time series, based on year, month, or date.

Threshold Analysis – Analysis of change in the spatial pattern of incidents over time and space.

Series Analysis – Constructing spatial patterns of incidents with a connection based on a user-specified field.