Link Analysis & Visualization

Find hidden connections across your data


Fully Integrated with Google Earth®

next generation link and social network analysis

Easily ingests data from disparate sources


Knowing the connections between entities, such as people or organizations, is critical during the course of an investigation. How is John connected with Sally? Does John contact Bill to get to Sally? How easy is it to map out criminal activity manually? What is the shortest path between two entities? Crime Tech Solutions’ Sentinel Visualizer link analysis solution provides a variety of tools to make it easy for the investigator to answer these questions.

With highly optimized graph algorithms, you can quickly see all paths, the shortest path, or only the best paths between entities based on your specific criteria

General Functions

Empowering the demanding needs of intelligence analysts, law enforcement, investigators, researchers, and information workers, Sentinel Visualizer is the next generation data visualization and analysis solution for your big data.  With cutting edge features and best-of-breed usability, our product provides you with insight into patterns and trends hidden in your data. Its database driven data visualization platform lets you quickly see multi-level links among entities and model different relationship types. Advanced drawing and redrawing features generate optimized views to highlight the most important entities.

Sentinel Visualizer provides powerful crime pattern analysis, predictive analytics, organizational crime mapping and comprehensive reporting to criminal investigators and intelligence analysis.

Sentinel Visualizer Overview:

Identify key players

Reduce complicated data relationships into cells and cliques

Find all paths, the shortest path, or the best paths between two entities

Perform timeline analysis

Include your own metadata in the analysis process

Build simple or complex models that mirror your mission’s parameters

Sentinel Visualizer provides assistance to crime analysts in pattern identification, analysis and prediction of crimes, data mining and organizational mapping

Sentinel Visualizer can analyze data from our Case Closed case management tool, phone call logs, credit card transactions, loss prevention data, RMS, 911 calls and a whole lot more.

Sentinel Visualizer further expands the analytical environment by its integration with our powerful crime analysis software, CrimeMap Pro,  and other GIS and Microsoft tools widely used by analysts and investigators. These include ESRI ArcView, Microsoft Bing Mapping and Excel. Moving data between these tools has never been easier, giving users a new perspective on their data.

Also differentiating CTS is our 100% dedication to customer support. While the competition continues to raise their prices and simultaneously decrease technical support, we do the opposite. We deliver and support powerful crime and fraud analytics software for a variety of requirements, and then provide world class support to ensure customer delight. In other words, our offerings are faster, better, and cheaper. And they’re supported here in the U.S… not 8 or 12 time zones away. It’s really that simple.

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