Our Solution Suite


CrimeMap™ Pro is a comprehensive crime analysis system with mapping and predictive policing. The system is designed for specialized crime analysts to manage the incident database, perform sophisticated analysis, and a variety of mapping and analytical tasks.



Our IntelNexus™ software is a criminal intelligence database system. The solution is 28 CFR Part 23 compliant, and enables the management, collection and dissemination of criminal intelligence data. Users may easily and effectively search and retrieve specific sets of information from the database to create new reports or edit existing ones.


With Sentinel Visualizer™ , users perform next generation link and social network analysis for crime and fraud investigations. Our solution gives analysts and investigators a wide range of options to slice and dice data and to visualize non-obvious relationships between entities.


Case Closed™ is a low price/high performance investigative case management software, widely recognized for offering the biggest bang for an agency’s buck. Loads of features including evidence management, reporting, and remote case review, Case Closed is utilized by local, county and state agencies across the globe.



With Case Closed GangBuster™, you can search on any field or combination of fields to quickly access the data you are looking for. In addition, this gang intelligence module is complete with an ad-hoc report writer that allows you to create on the fly reports for any of the data that is collected.


Crime Tech Solutions offers a sleek mobile tool for our investigative case management portfolio. Case Closed™ Mobile App allows your investigators to access the software from their smart device (iPhone, Android, iPad etc.) regardless of where they are.